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The Balustrade Coffee Table

The Balustrade Coffee Table is one of our most popular and requested items. It is available in many dimensions, both square and rectangular and also with 3 choices for baluster design... the original round baluster, the square Chandler baluster, and the square Chalice baluster. Coordinating Consoles, Sofa Tables, and End Tables are also available for these designs. While we do not offer upholstery as an option at this time, we do offer "upholstery ready" options and you can see some of our items are pictured with the addition of an upholstered top.

Original Balustrade Coffee Table (round baluster) starting at $1050

Chandler and Chalice Balustrade Coffee Tables starting at $1050

Original Balustrade Coffee Table (round balusters)

Chandler Balustrade Coffee Table

The Cali Coffee Table

Starting at $850

The Kohl Coffee Table

Starting at $850

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