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Policies and FAQ

"Do you have any _______ in stock?" We operate entirely as a custom order shop, so we don't maintain anything in stock or ready-made, but we're happy to give you a quote on any item of ours, or send us a pic of an item or style you like!


“I’m local to Nashville. How do I go about selecting and ordering a table? Do you have some to see?” Since we operate entirely as a custom order shop, what we make generally heads out to its new home pretty quickly, so we don’t maintain any stock or ready-made items. However, we usually have items in-process or awaiting pickup to see, along with items built for our personal use. We have a full selection of stain samples in both pine and oak on hand for selection. If you’re considering ordering a custom table, let us know a bit about what you’re looking for (size, style, species, etc.) and we would be happy schedule a consultation appointment with you to sort out all the details and come up with the perfect table for your space. We’re located just north of downtown Nashville.


"How long will my custom order take?" Most of the time, our turnaround is 8-12 weeks. Occasionally, that time is extended and one large order coming in can add a week or 2 very quickly. Contact us for the most up-to-date estimate and remember to verify at the time you make your deposit. Your position in our "line-up" is secured at that point.


"What about the deposit?" We require a 50% deposit on all orders and we complete orders in the order we receive deposits. Deposits can be made by cash, credit card in person via Square, credit card remotely via Square email invoicing, or check (but please be advised we DO NOT accept checks for balances).


"What if I need to cancel or change my order?" All sales are final. Custom order deposits are non-refundable. Please be advised: in an effort to move from project to project as quickly as possible, any hardware necessary to complete your project will be ordered as soon as your deposit is received. We also purchase and cut lumber for several projects at one time, sometimes well in advance of the quoted timeline. Therefore, no changes, alterations, or cancellations will be accepted after deposits are received and deposits are NOT refundable, in full or in part.


"Can you match an existing piece of furniture or items from another manufacturer?" Possibly, but there are important things to consider. There are many factors that determine the appearance of a finish. These include things like the species of wood, is it solid wood/engineered/veneer, the type of product applied (is it a stain, paint, glaze, oil based, water based, etc.?), is it a layered or multi-step finish, what type of top coat or sealer does it have. Stain colors do not translate uniformly between species of wood, so for example, even if you know that the stain on your oak floors is Minwax Special Walnut, the same stain will not result in the same color when applied to pine. Even when using the same species of wood, you see variations in color absorption if sanded to different grits, if a product such as a pre-stain conditioner is applied, or if the stain was allowed to absorb for a longer length of time. So there are many, many variables in play. While we may be able to blend a similar stain color, if the finish of your existing piece is a glaze, paint, opaque, or semi-opaque finish of some kind, it will have a different appearance than a stain. Matching stains or finishes usually takes multiple attempts and trial-and-error "experiments" using different combinations and ratios. Often an exact match is not possible (and is not guaranteed), but we can generally achieve something that will blend harmoniously with your other items. There is an upcharge for requests to match finishes and this varies based on the complexity of the finish you're requesting to match, the size of the table or item the finish would need to be applied to, and the design of the table or item the finish would be applied to (hand applying a multi-step finish to something with details like a Scroll Based Trestle or Baluster is a different animal than applying it to something with clean lines like an A-Line Truss). These requests need to be made prior to placing an order and need to be accompanied by a physical example of the color match that is requested or at the very least a collection of photos that accurately reflect the desired color. Color match requests made entirely via digital means introduce additional variables and significantly increase the margin of error. Please see the next question.


"Will my item look exactly like the picture?" Maybe not. For one thing, there's no way to account for the variations between devices, screens, and settings, which means there's really no way to know exactly what you're seeing. So colors may look different "in real life" than how they appear on your screen. But even more so, each of our items are made-to-order which makes each one special. Like virtually all things found in nature, wood is uniquely imperfect and unpredictable by nature. Likewise, woodworking is rarely an exact science and is more of an art form. Our items are handcrafted and no two items we create will be exactly alike, so variations, and even imperfections, should be expected. But while we cannot always claim perfection, we do offer each of our customers the character and craftsmanship you will not find in mass production.


"What happens when my order is ready?" We will contact you when your item is ready to be picked up. You can pay your remaining balance when you arrive for pick up by cash or credit card via Square. Checks are not accepted for remaining balance. Remember to bring any blankets or straps that will be necessary to protect and secure your item(s). Please be aware that space is limited and we cannot store your item or offer "lay away" of any kind. Items not claimed and paid in full within 10 days of notification of completion will be subject to forfeiture without refund.


"Do you offer delivery?" Yes. We offer local Nashville-area delivery on a limited basis and when our schedule allows. Generally, for moderate sized items, we deliver within 15 miles of 37207 for a $75 fee, 16-35 miles for a $100 fee, and 36-50 miles for $125 fee. Delivery may not be available for some larger items/orders or may be negotiated at a higher rate.


"I don’t live near Nashville. Can you ship?" Yes. Please contact us for a quote. We ship via Uship, which is a network of independent carriers, and this usually provides us with a significantly more affordable option than LTL freight companies can provide on these large/heavy items. We’ve found LTL carriers are often unwilling to deliver to residential locations and also require items to be palletized or crated. As a small shop, this added time and material expense would also add to making LTL carriers a more expensive option for us. Uship is a blanket-wrapped curb-to-curb service. Most often the carriers are willing to assist with bringing in items, but this is a curtesy provided by the carrier and it's at the receiver's discretion if they choose to utilize this assistance. You should plan on having ample manpower available to handle whatever size items are being delivered. Carriers are responsible for any transit damage and we release payment to the carrier only upon being notified by you that the items arrived safely. It is imperative that you are onsite at delivery as no claims for damaged items will be accepted beyond initial delivery or once carrier departs delivery location.


“What are breadboard ends?”  We build the majority of our square or rectangular table tops with breadboard ends. Breadboards are the boards at the end of a top that run perpendicular to the main body of the top. The purpose of these is not only aesthetic, but functional. They hide the end grain, add visual appeal, and ensure that a top stays flat and free from cupping. Solid wood furniture is, in many ways, still a living thing. It responds to its environment and changes and moves based on temperature and humidity changes. When it’s dry, it will shrink. When it’s humid, it will expand. With that always in mind, we make every effort to build sound pieces of furniture that will handle these natural changes. Breadboard ends are part of that strategy. While our table tops are created from multiple pieces of wood, they are joined in a way that creates a unified slab. Since wood does the vast majority of its expansion/contraction across its width, the tops will expand/contract across the width as a unit.  The breadboards run perpendicular, so they are attached with mortise and tenon joints that allow them to “float”, otherwise they would impede the movement of the top and create buckling. As a result, you may see a change in this joint as the seasons change. This is natural and it means that the breadboards are functioning as they should. This article is a great resource for more information about breadboard ends and why they are often a part of traditional fine solid wood tables.


"What type of wood do you use?" The shortest answer to that question is “what are your needs and what is your budget?” Unless otherwise specified or requested, our listed prices and our custom quotes are for Pine. We find the rugged natural character of Pine very complimentary to rustic-inspired designs. It’s also readily available and most affordable and that’s an important consideration for many of our customers. While Pine is certainly the most affordable option we offer, we also have a number of Appalachian hardwood species available to us, such as Red Oak, Alder, White Oak, and Walnut. Hardwood table prices are significantly higher than Pine, and within the hardwood category the various species also carry with them a wide range of price tags. Hardwoods are listed above roughly in order from lowest to highest, with Red Oak being in the lowest range and Walnut being the highest. Hardwood prices fluctuate at a market-price value, so hardwood tables are quoted individually based on the availability and price of a given species at a given time. No matter the species you select, our dining tables are solid kiln-dried wood and never include veneers, plywood, or engineered woods of any kind.


"Are your tables sealed?" Yes. With the exception of painted finishes, all of our tables are finished with a minimum of 3 coats of high performance polyurethane.


"How do I care for wood furniture?" A good place to start is by carefully selecting the location for your wood furniture. While we only use kiln-dried wood for our furniture, there are external and environmental factors that can impact your solid wood furniture post-production. Try to avoid heat vents or direct sunlight, as it can cause dryness or discoloration, and never store your pieces in an unregulated environment, such as a basement or attic. Long periods of low humidity will dry wood and cause splitting, cracking, and warping. Exposing your furniture to excessive dampness should also be avoided. Controlling your indoor relative humidity year round between 40-45% will help minimize these problems. Humidification or dehumidification may be necessary as seasons change. If your item has a polyurethane finish (standard), it should be fine to use mild cleaners, such as a damp rag with mild soapy water, followed by a soft, dry cloth. Never allow detergents to remain on your furniture for very long or to dry on your finish. If you requested a waxed finish, dusting and a damp cloth are suggested. You can reapply wax as needed. We suggest a light application of Johnson Paste Wax to refresh the finish. No matter which finish your item has, clean up spills or dampness promptly and never allow contact with solvents or harsh chemicals. Chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia, acetone, etc. will damage your finish. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so carefully guard against water, condensation, and heat damage by using coasters, trivets, placemats, chargers, etc. and never allow hot items to have direct contact with your finish. Protect your furniture from hard impacts or sharp objects, including sharp-tipped pens and pencils in the hands of heavy writers. Natural wood is as unique as a fingerprint, responds to changes in environment such as temperature and humidity, and will have knots, checking, cracking, and other natural variations. These imperfections should be celebrated for the character they bring to solid wood furniture and are not considered defects.

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